Huntington - Yoga & Wellness Studio
Namaste my friends , 

 On the 1st of March the studio along with several other businesses went up in flames. As sad as that may seem, I very much believe this is a new beginning. A beginning filled with wonderful growth for all of us. An exciting new adventure, as we journey through this life. A lesson to be learned, is to let go without holding onto any attachment. It is the connection to the practice itself and sharing that practice with others, that truly matters. 
I am very grateful that my private sessions have grown. I find myself enjoying the connections I have with my clients... looking forward to continuing that part of my journey ! 
I have received  many kind offers from our wonderful community to hold space for our practice. I have  decided to take an opportunity that has been offered to me. I am now teaching at Awaken yoga & meditation center of Greenlawn. I thank all of you for the love and support and I hope to practice with you again soon!